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Bo Ballard Moving is the leading provider of professional piano moving services. We have been in business for the last 20 years. One of the highlights that set us apart from other moving companies is that we have the skills and ability to move virtually any piano model including the classic ones.

Due to the delicate nature of pianos, they need to be handled with utmost care when been packed as well as during transit. We understand this fact too well; and have invested in training all our staff members on how to handle them. Once you call us, we will assign a personal piano moving expert to you to help you get a clear idea of what to expect from our piano moving service.

On the big day, we will come to your premises and help you pack the piano expertly and load it in one of our advanced trucks. To stabilize it, we use strong fastening belts to tie the various parts on the trucks cargo attachment rings so that is does not move an inch during transit.

Upon arriving to your new home, we will carefully get down to work and unpack the piano, carry it to your house and assemble it for you if need be. Our personnel has vast hands on experience in handling piano and other delicate musical equipment, so you can rest assured that your priceless piano is in safe hands. We will also go an extra mile and test if it is working as it should before leaving your premises.

To cushion from unforeseen occurrence, we have a comprehensive insurance policy that covers our personnel, clients, and cargo. Hence, if anything happens, the insurance company will come in and compensate you fully. However, we take great care and so chances of such incidents occurring are very slim.

Other moving services that we offer in Oklahoma include:

* Premium Household Moving
* Office Moving
* Household Moving
* Corporate Moving

All these services are offered by our highly trained personnel. We also take pride in the fact we are members of a number of local and international professional bodies.

Contact us today for the best piano moving services. We look forward to receiving your call.